Residental Projects

1811 Federal

Located in Lexington, Ga this exterior surface restoration and repaint was done for Smith Wilson Construction in Athens, Ga.

March/April 2007

Cobb Restoration

Full interior and exterior surface restoration and repaint of the T.R.R. Cobb House located in Athens, Ga.  Here the house is in the early stages of reconstruction. It was built in Athens, GA in the late 1830s and was moved to Stone Mountain, GA in the 1980s. It was slated for restoration but the money was never made available and the house languished for yrs to come. It was moved back to Athens in 2004 and restored to preiod by the Watson Brown Foundation and Witsel Construction. The house now located in Athens, is a working house museum and historical teaching tool.

April 2005 - August 2006

Tadelakt Fountain Restoration

This project was done for Tower Hill School in Wilmington, DE. This 100yr old fountain had a deteriorating plaster dish surround that needed to be resurfaced with a waterproof product that would hold up to freeze thaw and the elements. Tadelakt was the perfect solution. The dish was prepped and treated with a basecoat material and several coats of lime plaster were applied and polished smooth then treated with black soap and finally waxed for extra waterproofing.

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