With almost 2 decades of experience in the trowel arts and historical restoration, Pete Dandolos of Brandywine Paint and Plaster LLC is a passionate advocate for sustainable and responsible building.  Available for local, national, and international projects. Located in Wilmington, Delaware since 2004.

TRR Cobb House Athens, GA

    Brandywine Paint and Plaster specializes in environmentally responsible, interior and exterior painting and plaster applications for residential and commercial clients.

     Brandywine Paint and Plaster offers a wide range of architectural veneers and plasters. From the ancient art of Moroccan Tadelakt (waterproof lime plaster great for shower and bathroom applications) to American Clay’s full line of interior earth plasters. Perfect for controling moisture, mold and mildew in interior spaces.

     Utilizing a wide range of interior paints from Benjamin Moore to Bioshield’s clay paint, BP&P will leave your interior space free of VOC’s or volatile organic compounds which contribute to indoor air pollution.